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june 8

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Novi međunarodni polasci osijek - novi sad od 14.02.2011. započinje prometovati nova međunarodna linija osijek (hr) - novi sad (srb), sa po 3 polaska svakodnevno u.
  Novi sad - srbobran - bačka topola - subotica - segedin: svi medjumesni polasci iz autobuske stanice: svi medjunarodni polasci iz autobuske stanice: leprosy - caravan.  
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2007 Mercury Mariner Luxury (Silver Metallic - (Silver) 4-Door Wagon / Sport Utility SUV/Crossover) $12975 w/74949 mi

2011 Toyota Camry SE (Super White - (White) 4-Door Sedan 4 Door Sedan) $17985 w/38501 mi

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (Bright White 4-Door Wagon / Sport Utility SUV/Crossover) $37999 w/6559 mi

2010 Cadillac CTS 4dr Sdn 3.6L Performance RWD (CRYSTAL RED TINTCOAT 4-Door Sedan 4 Door Sedan) $28499 w/33907 mi

Artist: Verhoven
Album: Verhoven EP
Genre: Indie-pop/Electro

01. Manimal Clean
02. Fancy Boy
03. Moonshine Skyway
04. Black Like the Moon
05. Out of Touch
L.A. duo Verhoven comprised of Thrice Noble (vocals, synth) and Scott Glenn (guitars) have just released their debut EP which effortlessly blends electronic with elements of rock music. Their songs are refreshingly bright and fun. “Manimal” finds us with an infectious guitar driven track elevated with synths and wrenching vocals. While “Fancy Boy” seems a little odd since I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing any male call themselves a “fancy boy”, the strangeness of the song is quickly forgotten as the EP goes on. “Black Like the Moon” is where Verhoven’s electro-rock sound shines best with its buzzing guitar work to drive the song home. The EP ends on a strange yet satiating note with a Hall & Oates cover of “Out of Touch”. Adding their own futuristic spin, their spin on the classic is innovative and completely their own. With Verhoven’s mixture of guitars and synths, they’ve managed to make a debut EP that brings to mind a carefree euphoric world fully equipped with fruity drinks and palm trees.

Listen to their debut EP in full on the band’s Soundcloud.

Verhoven is Thrice Noble and Scott Glenn.


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